Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L desktop board

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This is a desktop board using intel hardware (circa ~2009, ICH7 southbridge, similar performance-wise to the Libreboot X200. It can make for quite a nifty desktop. Powered by libreboot.

IDE on the board is untested, but it might be possible to use a SATA HDD using an IDE SATA adapter. The SATA ports do work.

You need to set a custom MAC address in GNU+Linux for the NIC to work. In /etc/network/interfaces on debian-based systems like Debian or Devuan, this would be in the entry for your NIC:
hwaddress ether macaddressgoeshere


cbfstool libreboot.rom extract -n rt8168-macaddress -f rt8168-macaddress

Modify the MAC address in the file rt8168-macaddress and then:

cbfstool libreboot.rom remove -n rt8168-macaddress
cbfstool libreboot.rom add -f rt8168-macaddress -n rt8168-macaddress -t raw

Now you have a different MAC address hardcoded. In the above example, the ROM image is named libreboot.rom for your board. You can find cbfstool under coreboot/default/util/cbfstool/ after running the following command in the build system:

./build module cbutils

You can learn more about using the build system, lbmk, here:
Libreboot build instructions

Flashing instructions can be found at ../install/


Kingston 8 GiB Kit KVR800D2N6/8G with Elpida Chips E2108ABSE-8G-E

this is a 2x4GB setup and these work quite well, according to a user on IRC.

Many other modules will probably work just fine, but raminit is very picky on this board.

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